Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alright, so another birthday just passed me up! I love it! 42 is going to be a great year. As a matter of fact, why wouldn't I think so? After all, each year simply gets better and better. When I was diagnosed with iritis, glaucoma and advanced cataracts in 2000 (at only 32), I had no idea if I would ever get my sight back. After living a life focused on physical achievements, it was frightening and depressing. For the two year period that Doctors worked to help me, I had a true shift of perception. I decided that regardless what the outcome of my sight, I would never again let time go by without maximizing what I had. Even without vision, I had a voice, a mind, a body - and a kickass attitude. I might go blind, but I wouldn't go quietly!

Thanks to the doctors, most of my sight was salvaged. It was like having your life handed back to you after you thought it was going to be taken away! With the gift of restored sight, it became even more important to me to live life fearlessly, passionately, without apology, concern or hesitation. And, so - I began setting annual birthday goals. I am amazed when people dread their birthday - or even try to pretend that it isn't taking place. Are you kidding me? I am like "woohoo - another year to live!" Every year IS a gift.

I look forward to setting my birthday goals. A few examples of goals from previous years have been: Going to college (Did it!), opening a business ( Can anyone say DOJO?) , becoming more proficient with firearms (check out update below), learning a second language ( uhhhh....). Most of those goals exceeded my wildest expectations, altered my career path and introduced me to friends that I will have for a lifetime. A few went nowhere (ex: My one year of Arabic lessons. I still can't even say hello) Regardless, each birthday challenge added immense value to my life.

For those of you around last year, my big goal for my 41st birthday was to improve my skill level with firearms. That was a great goal - and I grew considerably over the 12 month time frame. Dspite the fact that I had some experience in firearms, I wanted to be much better. So, during the past 12 months, I took a three day Combat Focus Shooting Class, I had some private coaching, I learned how to properly handle a handgun, shotgun and rifle. Heck, I even competed! I have a long way to go and have committed myself to training consistently to improve my skills, however, overall - mission completed. I am far more confident than I was 12 months ago.

So, as it happens every 12 is time to find a new goal. I thought about the things that are still on my "bucket list". And...the one that I have run from for years - mostly because of the time required to do it - was to compete in a race called the "X-Terra" (Yes, the Nissan Truck is named after the race!) Beyond the fact that it just looks like this incredible amount of fun - I knew nothing about it! SO, it is, again, time to ask questions, do research...and then GET BRAVE!

So - join me on this journey as I go from knowing nothing about X-Terra to competing in it. This is the biggest annual challenge I have ever set for myself. It ought to be a hoot. In the meantime, if you aren't going after something that you have always wanted to do - why not? I would love to hear what your goal is. THEN, I would love to hear you tell me why you haven't gone for it yet. I'll help you turn THAT around!

Let's Live!

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