Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Week! I Won't Be Sitting Around Eating Candy.

Alright, so it's Halloween. I was telling my friend this morning that I felt stressed. It even sounded silly saying it...but for some reason Halloween week is stressful for our household. Is it the parties, the costumes, the increase in kids energy? The late night trick or treating...the dread of hyped up, super charged kids all weekend? I don't know exactly what it is - but it IS! So, time to get serious about planning so that I don't let the week consume me like some crazy, hungry Halloween creature. Figured some of you might be feeling the same way - so I crafted a plan for all the mom's out there who, like, me...are starting to unravel before the week has even begun!


#1) MENU
Make your menu's for the week NOW! It's no big deal. Just look in your freezer, plan ahead and you can make sure that you aren't scrounging around looking for food as the hectic Halloween week begins! Guaranteed that the WORST place to figure out you are hungry is either at a classroom Halloween party OR late at night when you are preparing costumes for our sleeping Ghouls.

I don't care what it is. Commit yourself to being a warrior this week. Battle the overwhelming urge to say..well, next week I will work out. News flash: You won't. You know why? Holiday season is upon us and pretty soon you will find yourself saying..."At the first of the year..." So, get your shoes on and just go do it! 30 minute walk in the leaves, go to yoga, whatever...just MOVE.

Seriously. Just don't. Tell yourself right now that you will not eat any of the Halloween candy and then stick to it. Trust piece leads to two...then three...

Alright - one day at a time my friends!

Now, Onto my TRI - Challenge:

After I went out publicly (like a moron) and said, "Hey, it's my birthday and I am going to set a crazy goal and then Blog abut it", I really thought I made a great choice. I chose the X-Terra triathlon because it looked FUN. Ok, what an idiot I am. First of all, apparently the X-Terra is this Kick Ass TRI that few people will do. It takes a crazy amount of commitment to train. I didn't know how HARD it was going to be. More than that, I find myself on this nutty learning curve. I am like the white belt who decided that I would jump into the Black Belt class and is now getting their ass kicked about every fifteen minutes.

Well, it's been over a month. To be honest, lots of convo's in my head about not doing this, quietly stopping the blog and then moving on in my life. But, how weak would that be? So - onward! Now, it is true that I haven't been blogging because, honestly, I didn't even know where to start. It seemed embarrassing to have to blog some guy saying to me..."and this is the brake on the bike." Honestly, it was THAT bad. I am basically learning to swim, learning how to run without causing myself damage..and the biking. OMgosh...let's not talk about the biking.

But, it is a new month and I am re-committing to blogging this X-Terra adventure. heaven help me. At least everyone will get a good laugh!!!

Ok guys...get off your butts. I am going to get off mine right now. Running time. 4 miles. wooohooo. Not.


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