Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still working on Last Year's Challenge

Last year was the year of improving my firearm skills. The goal was to go beyond the CCW qualification or the target shooting. I wanted to tackle defensive shooting. For me, the ultimate goal was to finish the year with an improved understanding of using a gun as a true means of self defense. I took a course offered by I.C.E. training last May. It was called Combat Focus Shooting. The instructor was well known for his unorthodox methods of teaching...and for the high level of expectation for his students. I may very well have been one of the more novice students he had, however, when you know very little...well, you can only go up from there!

I was able to complete the course, take with me as many lessons as I could retain..and then commit myself to training no less than once per month until the many concepts began to take hold. This is a small video from training last week. My goal was to focus on trigger control, reloading without looking at the weapon, work through any malfunctions I might encounter without pause.

After sending the video in for some instructor feedback from a member of the I.C.E. staff, I was told that arm extension and lateral movement is improving, shooting position is good, however, I am falling far short on the defensive approach of multiple shots and pulling the gun back to high compressed ready between targets. So...I keep training. :)

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